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Exodus Insurance’s Background

We Take Care of You

Welcome to Exodus Insurance, your trusted partner in protecting what matters most. Founded by industry expert Michael Shellhart, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the world of insurance. With a passion for helping individuals and families secure their financial future, Michael Shellhart has been a driving force behind the establishment of Exodus Insurance.

With his experience in the insurance industry, Michael Shellhart has witnessed firsthand the profound impact that comprehensive coverage can have on people's lives. He recognized the need for a dedicated insurance provider that not only offers a wide range of insurance solutions but also prioritizes personalized service and expertise.

Under Michael Shellhart's guidance, Exodus Insurance has grown to become a leading provider of health insurance, life insurance, Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IULs), and final expense insurance. His vision of delivering exceptional protection to clients with a focus on their unique needs and long-term goals has shaped the foundation of our company.

Michael Shellhart's commitment to expertise and customer satisfaction is at the core of Exodus Insurance. He has assembled a team of dedicated professionals who share his values and work tirelessly to provide personalized guidance and tailored solutions to every client. With their combined knowledge and unwavering dedication, they ensure that each individual receives the highest level of service and support throughout their insurance journey.

At Exodus Insurance, we understand that insurance is not just about policies and premiums; it's about safeguarding your health, securing your loved ones' future, and finding peace of mind. With Michael Shellhart's leadership, we are committed to going above and beyond to exceed your expectations and provide the comprehensive protection you deserve.

Join us at Exodus Insurance and experience the expertise and dedication of Michael Shellhart and our team. Together, we will navigate the complex world of insurance and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are well-protected. Contact us today and let us be your trusted partner in securing your future.

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